Grand Opening!

I once heard an artist say their biggest concern with an art opening is that people had a really good time, and selling the art was secondary.  While I most certainly hope that you can take a bit of the Snicker N' Sass spirit home with you in the form of a funny mug or a sticker, at very least I hope you had a good time coming by.

As the Creative Director for Snicker N' Sass, I can honestly say it is a dream come true to open this shop and I could not be more proud.  There is a mountain of love here (and cliche or not, the idea for the name of the shop came from my husband on Valentine's Day, and it was inspired by my laugh) so joy is LITERALLY infused in the DNA of this place.

We have been quite blessed to be in Portland, Oregon - the influence of the city itself is intertwined with Snicker N' Sass.  This is a city of beer, weed, naked bike rides, and strange craft.  The city itself beats with a creative, DIY spirit that embraces its weirdos with love and grace.  "You do you" is what we are all about here.

The idea of this shop has been cooking for over a decade, but it just happened to be birthed in 2020.  Timing just needed to be right, and its time is now.  We're excited to be here.